Westley| Bothell, Washington Newborn Photographer

Westley was such a dream!  I had such a great day with him and his family in my Bothell, Washington studio.  His older siblings kept me laughing and he slept through almost the entire thing.  I think he might have had a couple accidents and maybe one or two on me, but we forgive him 😉  Thank you again for trusting me to capture this special time for you and I hope to see you guys again for some outdoor family photos!!

TWIN GIRLS | Bellevue, Washington Newborn Photographer

How precious are these two little girls?  I about died when they walked into my Bothell, Washington studio.  They were officially my first set of twins that DID NOT like each other!!  It was so funny.  Typically with twins, when we put them next to each other they settle down and stay asleep.  These two would fuss, wake up, and hit each other the second we put them close.  It was hilarious.  They really do have the best parents and I can’t wait to see them all again.  I am sure they will be best friends by the next time I see them.




Baby GIRL | Seattle, Washington Newborn Photographer

I LOVE when clients don’t find out the sex of the baby until birth.  I always thought it would be so much fun, but could NEVER do it with my own kids.  When they walked in with this gorgeous baby girl I was soooo excited.  We had so much fun and she was such an amazing baby.

Braxton | Seattle Washington Newborn Photographer

One of my favorite newborns of the year!  Braxton was so sweet, handsome, the perfect amount of chunk, and did every pose without hesitation.  On top of that his family was amazing to spend the day with.  Thank you so much for choosing me to capture this moment for you and coming to my studio in Bothell, Washington.  I LOVE him!


Presley | Bothell Washington Newborn Photographer

The moment Presley walked into my Bothell, Washington studio I was in LOVE!!  First because she is beyond gorgeous.  I mean that hair, eyelashes, lips, cheeks….ahhh!!  Second because I ALWAYS wanted a little girl named Presley.  Instead I got four boys, but man she made me want a girl again (don’t worry no more kids for me!)